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Landscape In Between

Mette Kristensen, cand. mag in art history describes  Arne Rasmussen’s photographic works as a surreal one the dream world based on oneself. His images are created through an artistic process in the digital darkroom. Adding abstract shapes such as circles, squares and lines in carefully selected color shades creates he a unique universe from an echo of the original motif and the real world as we know it. We are thus presented to a surrealistic dream world, which we should approach with a subjective and phenomenological approach, where we experience the works based on our own memories and experiences. As a spectator, we  should notice that what the works tell us as an individual.

The series “Landscape in between” shows an immediately typical Danish landscape with a blue sky and Clouds. We sense the landscape through the colors of the fields or the water, but we are in a parallel reality with geometric lattice-like elements in the foreground - somewhere in between reality and imagination.
We understand the context well, but are only given a small part of the full picture.

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