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Arne Rasmussen - photography

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The Journey from Represented to Independent Images.


Arne Rasmussen is a visual artist specializing in photography. He believe that photography is not just about capturing reality, but also about transforming it into something new and independent. Through he's work, he aim to challenge the viewer's perception of the world and create unique visual experiences.

Arne Rasmussen is a Copenhagen-based award winning photographer. His artwork is collected and exhibited in international galleries and museums. Represented at Muset For Fotokunst, Odense (dk) and Danmarks Fotomuseum, Herning (dk). International exhibitions include, "Fotografi und Video", Kunsthaus Am Moritzplatz,Berlin (D), Staatliche Filmzentrale Hamburg (DE), "Little Treasure" in Bologna Italy 2017, Blank Wall Gallery Athen 2019, 14th Pollux Awards Exhibition, Winner, Gallery FotoNostrum in Barcelona, March 4 to March 28, 2020, "Photography in art", 4 art photographer, Art association Køge bugt, 2022.

Mette Kristensen, cand. mag in art history describes (translated from danish):

Arne Rasmussen’s photographic works are created through an artistic process in the digital darkroom. Here becomes the original motif, through a digital processing and use of special techniques,transformed into an aesthetic, abstract and blurred dream universe, focusing only on individual Recognizable photographic elements.He himself says that his work moves in tension between the autonomous image and a photographically represented reality. Adding abstract shapes such as circles, squares and lines in carefully selected color shades creates he a unique universe based on an echo of the original motif and the real world as we know it. We are thus presented with a surreal dream world that we should approach with a subjective and phenomenological approach, where we experience the works based on our own memories and experiences. As Viewer, we should notice what the works tell us as an individual.

The series “Landscape in between” shows an immediately typical Danish landscape with a blue sky and Clouds. We sense the landscape through the colors of the fields or the water, but we are in a parallel reality with geometric lattice-like elements in the foreground - somewhere in between reality and imagination. We understand the context well, but are only given a small part of the full picture.

As in “Inner ocean” series, where the colors of the sand and water help us put together the rest of the story, while the Blurred areas give our imagination something to work with.

Arne Rasmussen’s aesthetic photographs are subdued and calm in expression. They can be silent portals that can evoke emotions in us and recreate forgotten memories if we otherwise allow them.


Education and more:

Throughout hes life, Arne has always been fascinated by images and how the reality is represented through the perception of a photograph. Naturally, he was drawn to photography.

Arne is a autodidact artist with photography as media. Self-study in Ansel Adams zone system. Many years work in the darkroom, then switch over to digital darkroom. Self-study of the masters of painting especially Paul Klee (Form and Design teaching / Pictorial Thinking), Kandinsky (Punkt und Linie zu Fläche),  Joannes Itten (Kunst der Farbe / The art of color), Cezanne and other. Self-study in Japanese Gardens, especially zengardens ("The secret teaching in the art of Japanese gardens, Design principles, Aesthetic Values" David Slawson). Source of inspiration preferably in painting (but also sculptors), some mentioned here - Cesanne, Lyonel Feininger, Paul Klee, Franz Marc, Casper David Friedrich, Grünewald, Matisse, Giagometti, Robert Jakobsen (Metal Works) an many others.

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