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Arne Rasmussen is a Copenhagen-based award winning photographer. His artwork is collected and exhibited in international galleries and museums. Represented at Muset For Fotokunst, Odense (dk) and Danmarks Fotomuseum, Herning (dk). International exhibitions include, "Fotografi und Video", Kunsthaus Am Moritzplatz,Berlin (D), Staatliche Filmzentrale Hamburg (DE), "Little Treasure" in Bologna Italy 2017, Blank Wall Gallery Athen 2019, 14th Pollux Awards Exhibition, Winner, Gallery FotoNostrum in Barcelona, March 4 to March 28, 2020.


Education and more:

Throughout hes life, Arne has always been fascinated by images and how the reality is represented through the perception of a photograph. Naturally, he was drawn to photography.

Arne is a autodidact artist with photography as media. Self-study in Ansel Adams zone system. Many years work in the darkroom, then switch over to digital darkroom. Self-study of the masters of painting especially Paul Klee (Form and Design teaching / Pictorial Thinking), Kandinsky (Punkt und Linie zu Fläche),  Joannes Itten (Kunst der Farbe / The art of color), Cezanne and other. Self-study in Japanese Gardens, especially zengardens ("The secret teaching in the art of Japanese gardens, Design principles, Aesthetic Values" David Slawson). Source of inspiration preferably in painting (but also sculptors), some mentioned here - Cesanne, Kandinski, Paul Klee, Franz Marc, Casper David Friedrich, Grünewald, Matisse, Giagometti, Robert Jakobsen (Metal Works) an many others.

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