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               We all love to look across a green filed under a blue sky filled with fluffy clouds, it makes us feel at peace with the world. But how would we feel if this screne was overlaid with a lattice of squares.
At first it feels like it must be a pattern on an unseen piece of glass between us and the scenary, but it weaves in front of the ground and somehow aslo behind the clouds - presenting us with an optical illusion.

This sense of the surreal also exist in a beach scene where beyond the water's edge the image blurs and become unclear. It feels more playful than disturbing, as if we've strayed into a parallel world similar to our own that only exists within Arne Rasmussen's digital photography.

-Tabish Khan

Tabish Khan is an art critic specialising in London's art scene



                 Proffesional photographers europe community 1 half 2020, Honors of Excellence, Silver Award

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