Transfiguration in landscape #1 (color)


- 14th Pollux Awards Exhibition 2020, Single, Honorable Mention, categories digital manipulation through nature  

 - International Photoawards, IPA 2019, 2nd Place Winner, Fine art abstract, Professional.



From represented reality to independent image


"If a hen was to paint, it would do so by shedding its feathers", says the French psycho-analysist Jaques Lacan. Similarly, a photograph paints with the very same reality it records, that is, the things themselves. When a photograph "paints" it sheds reality like the hen sheds its feathers. The photographic image that emerges is, in other words, a transgression of the recorded reality.

This is the basic condition Arne Rasmussen's photographic work is founded on, namely that "photography is painting with reality exactly by shedding reality itself". The aesthetic function of the photographic image makes reality the horizontal background of the image.


Arne's photographs are paintings of the colored and black and white drapes of light, the billowing of which sends the eye on an odyssey, accompanied by the seductive notes of the real object's fatal siren song.
(Jens Terp MA (Philosophy))





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