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Arne Rasmussen (f. 1962 i Flensburg) er en sydslesvigs kunstfotograf. Han har boet i Danmark siden 1984 og fik sit gennembrud som kunstfotograf på Den Frie Udstillingsbygning i København i 1995.
Arne Rasmussen er bl.a. repræsenteret på Museet for Fotokunst i Odense og på Danmarks Fotomuseum i Herning.

Af internationale udstillinger kan nævnes "Little Treasure" i Bologna Italien 2017. 14TH pollux AWARDs at Fotonostrum Barcelona 2020.



Arne Rasmussen a  international award winning Sydslevigs photographer, living in Denmark since 1984 - was born 1962 in Flensburg, Germany and got his breakthrough as an art photographer at "Den frie" exibition hall, Copenhagen 1995. Represented at Muset For Fotokunst, Odense (dk) and Danmarks Fotomuseum, Herning (dk). International exhibitions include "Little Treasure" in Bologna Italy 2017.
14TH pollux AWARDs at Fotonostrum Barcelona 2020.




- International Photoawards, IPA 2019, 2nd Place Winner, Fine art abstract (color), Professional.

- International Photoawards, IPA 2019, Honorable Mention, Fine art abstract (BW series), Professional.

- HONORABLE MENTION WINNER OF PX3 2019, Prix de la Photographie Paris.

- International Color Awards, Bervely Hills 2019, Nominee, Professional.

- International Photoawards, IPA 2018, Honorable Mention, Professional.

- Fine Art Photography Award, London 2018. Nominee, Professional Level of expertise.

- International Photoawards, IPA 2017, Honorable Mention, Professional.

- International Photoawards, IPA 2016, Honorable Mention

- International Photoawards, IPA 2015, Honorable Mention




About my artistic workflow:

- The philosophical approach:

"If a hen was to paint, it would do so by shedding its feathers", says the French psycho-analysist Jaques Lacan. Similarly, a photograph paints with the very same reality it records, that is, the things themselves. When a photograph "paints" it sheds reality like the hen sheds its feathers. The photographic image that emerges is, in other words, a transgression of the recorded reality.

This is the basic condition Arne Rasmussen's photographic work is founded on, namely that "photography is painting with reality exactly by shedding reality itself". The aesthetic function of the photographic image makes reality the horizontal background of the image.

(Jens Terp MA (Philosophy))

- The practical approach:


From represented reality to independent image.


Concentration that art photography is an artistic process, by transformation of representet reality to a photographic picture, where represented reality does not exist at any particular time or place, but rather exists as a type of thing—i.e., an artistic visualized idea - a mood by finding and developing common characteristics expression.


This is my artistic work process in many series, from photographically represented reality to (more or less) abstract photographic image.

Most art works are part of a series. Based on the artistic idea that follows the series, the first part of the work process is to find and record suitable material in reality (digital negatives).
As always, the finished work consists of many digital negatives and the second part of the work process is thus the selection and digital processing of this raw material. This is the most important part in my artistic workflow.
I always have several art work in progress and it typically takes several months before one work is done and ready for print.
The final part of the work process is the choice of print media as well as print and mounting. It will typically be done by a professional art print company.

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